skinny bakery review

The Skinny Bakery Review

Cake. 🧁 🍰

My absolute guilty pleasure. And it’s not just my guilty pleasure in our hour either. I’ve got a 3 year old and a 5 year old who would probably eat it all day long if I would let them.

So the idea of cakey treats with significantly fewer calories is interesting to me but I admit to being something of a cynic. Does cake not taste so good because it’s so bad?!

But in my quest to both have my cake and eat it, I’ve checked out a few “skinny” cake type providers, most recently the Skinny Bakery. I ordered 8 different types of treat from them in July 2020 (“pick n mix 8 box) and, with the help of my sons, we’ve tried the lot! So let’s jump right into our Skinny Bakery review.

The Offering in a Nutshell

The Skinny Bakery promises sweet treats and cakes that will taste immense for a fraction of the calories.

When I say a fraction, I really mean it too. Think white chocolate doughnuts for 51 calories!

Most of the website is geared towards one time purchases, but there’s a subscription style offering available too where you can get your favourite bakes delivered regularly.

But for me, it was a single order of a pick n mix 8 box, which cost £23.49.

Skinny Bakery Review - Cake by Cake!

Ok, so let’s look at each item we tried within our box because some were better than others!
  • White Chocolate Doughbuts
  • Millionaire's Pearls
  • Cookies and Cream Pearls
  • Mini Flapjacks
  • Red Velvet Pearls
  • Lemon Pearls
  • Banana Shake Pearls
Overall Rating

The Good

  • Some of the cakes were genuinely delicious! Tasted like standard
  • Delivery was fast
  • They are very, very low calorie

The Bad

  • They're more expensive, generally, than small full sugar cakes/doughtnuts
  • They need to be stored in the fridge and I kind of found it a little weird eating fridge-cold cake

On the Whole

I really enjoyed most of the Skinny Bakery cakes. And, frankly, my sons couldn’t tell the difference between these and some of the smaller cake slices we might ordinarily give them.

But the doughtnuts – not so much. They were the weakest of the lot in my opinion. 

How Many Calories do you Save?

So, Skinny Bakery creates very, very low calorie sweet and tasty treats.

But I wondered how much lower calorie they are than equivalent treats.

So let’s take the Lemon Pearls as an example (they’re amazing by the way).

Each of them weighs 17g and has 36 calories.

On the other hand, the Tesco lemon slice cakes we might buy for our sons are around 30g (so almost twice the size) and contain 118 calories (so let’s say they might contain 59 calories for one the same sort of size as a lemon pearl).

That doesn’t seem so bad and the saving arguably isn’t so huge.

But what about sugar?

Let’s work on half a Tesco lemon slice and consider that an equivalent.

The half a Tesco lemon slice will come in at 4.7g of sugar while the Skinny Bakery Lemon Pearl is at 4.1g.

It’s not that the lemon pearl isn’t delicious (it really is!). But what it’s worth considering is how much of the calorie saving is down to the small size of the treat.

That’s definitely worth considering and before you replace your favourite cake with these, look up figures like this.

Would we recommend Skinny Bakery?

Oh absolutely. lots of them were delicious and there’s certainly a calorie saving there.

Quick delivery was appreciated and I’m happy to replace a lot of my sons’ sweet treats with Skinny Bakery products.

Definitely one to look at.

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The Skinny Bakery Review

Cake. 🧁 🍰 My absolute guilty pleasure. And it’s not just my guilty pleasure in our hour either. I’ve got a 3 year old and a 5 year old who would probably eat it all day long if I would

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