Craft gin club review

Craft Gin Club Review


I could probably start and end the review with that word alone and conclude that it’s a good thing. But Craft Gin Club goes way further than gin. Every single month, it hand selects a bottle (full size bottle, no less) of gin from a craft distillery, pairs it with mixers, creates a cocktail out of it and finds snacks to go alongside it.

Then, it packs all of this into a box along with a magazine with the key recipes and some great articles in and deliver it to your door.

As a gin love, this one was always starting in a strong position to be a hit with me. But my question mark was over whether £40 per month would represent value for money over time and whether Craft Gin Club could add value over and above me buying a bottle of the good stuff directly from a distillery myself.

I’m now on month 3 of my subscription (paid for myself – this is in no way an ad) so am in a pretty good position to give you my take on Craft Gin Club’s offering. Here’s my review.

How does Craft Gin Club Work and What does it Cost?


Craft Gin Club membership will cost you £40 per month if you choose the monthly subscription. But options are available for bi monthly and quarterly deliveries if you’d rather.

I opted for monthly and my first delivery was June 2020 (including a spectacular Dartmouth Gin which is my favourite to date), a host of mixers, a cocktail syrup, snacks and another random alcoholic drink.

The contents are a surprise each month. All you know is that you’ll be getting a full bottle of gin.

What’s in the Box?

Now this is where, of all the alcohol subscription boxes I’ve tried so far, Craft Gin Club really performs. The value in the box is brilliant. Let’s look at August’s box, received just last week:

Craft Gin Club Review

There’s a beautiful full size bottle of Rock Rose, which is a citrus flavoured exclusive for Craft Gin Club. There are also 3 snacks (in this case some crisps, a cheese snack and fudge) two small miers, two other soft drinks, a cocktail syrup and another alcoholic drink (in this case a Thatcher’s cider).

If you buy a Rock Rose gin alone, you’ll pay between £33 and £39 online typically. So add that to the rest of the products and you really do get a good value box.

The magazine, Ginned, is a 56 page glossy that is incredibly well polished.


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