Best Alcohol Subscription Boxes

Boozy boxes delivered to your door every single month. What could be a better treat?!

We’ve tried, tested and reviewed some of the best alcohol subscription boxes on the market and we rank them here.

From craft gins to brilliant beers, whiskeys of the world and other super spirits, the subscription box makers of the world have something for everyone who likes a little tipple.

Here’s our round up of some of the best.

How do alcohol subscription boxes work?

There are slight variations from product to product. But generally, you pay a fee for a “surprise” delivery to your door. Some are set up just for monthly payments and monthly deliveries. Others let you choose bi monthly or quarterly deliveries and payments.

Many also allow you to prepay a whole year or a certain number of months up front, which is commonly used as an option for those gifting subscriptions.

There’s supposed to be a degree of surprise in what you get. You’ll often know loosely what’s in or the estimate value if bought outside of subcription. But the specifics really should be a surprise  (otherwise what’s the point?).

What makes a good booze subscription box?

Well this is subjective, isn’t it? But, in my opinion, it’s about:

  • Experts within the provider’s business who build relationships with brewers and distillers to bring you drinks you might never have heard of before
  • Accompaniments. If you just wanted a beer or a bottle you could buy your own, but having someone pick out great accompanying mixers and snacks makes a box worthwhile
  • Great value for money. Many of us are happy to treat ourselves to a premium box if the value for money is there. It should be more expensive to buy each of the components individually, I think

Are there age restrictions on alcohol subscription boxes in the UK?

The same age restrictions would apply to alcohol subscriptions as would apply to the sale of any alcohol in the UK. In other words, the products should not be sold to people under 18 years of age.

How much do booze subscriptions cost?

It varies. Some start from as little as £20/month while others are in excess of £60. You can probably find something to fit your budget!

What've we missed?
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